I was recently introduced in a meeting as being one of the few people the speaker had ever met who was capable of thinking both in terms of creative and process at the same time. I’m not sure if this means my left and right brains are co-mingled or if it means I am schizophrenic. I tend to think of myself as part wizard, part warrior-poet, and part wiseguy.

I’ve been involved in redesigning customer experiences for close to 15 years, at companies such as Corporate Express, Ariba, Oracle, Artemis, Saqqara, and Compassion International.

Serving in roles ranging from CTO to VP of Strategy; from Web Designer to Director of Marketing Operations I’ve had experience with creating department charters, organizational design, and process design for multiple Customer Experience focused groups. In addition, I’ve created and lead customer centric consulting organizations, helping customers navigate the beginnings of the B2B boom and now the CX Revolution.

This is my personal blog and while I am passionate about creating spectacular customer experiences I have other interests as well. Here you’ll find several of them represented.

I’ve coached and trained people in communications for more than 20 years and you can find information about the SCORRE conference in my list of links.

As a by product of my experience leading organizations and training people I speak and coach business leaders internationally. If you’re interested in how we might work together check out the speaking/coaching page.

I’m on the board of several nonprofit organizations so you never know what might come up under the heading of “miscellaneous”.

I spend an inordinate amount of time taking pictures and dabbling in Photoshop. You can find some of my ravings in the Gallery.

I’ve also been known to engage in philosophical/spiritual conversation long enough in one sitting to miss several meals.

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