Do You Want To Be a Better Speaker? Read This!

speakerpantsYou’re headed into one of the larger session rooms at the Denver Convention Center. You’ve worked through conversations with customers all morning and now you’re hoping to catch your breath while you listen to your boss regale them.

Suddenly two of your cohorts come flying out of the room.

“Fletch! Dude, where you been? It’s standing room only in there and you’re up to speak!”

Raising one eyebrow you reply, “Um, no, not my session, Gary’s session.”

Heads shaking in unison like some demented imitation of synchronized swimming.

“Nope, yours.”

How do you handle this potentially disastrous moment? Argue? Panic? Flee?

None of the above.

You calmly ask to borrow one of the guys laptops with a single Powerpoint slide, that you know he has, you calmly walk into the room and wow 250 customers with one of the highest rated presentations of the conference.

How is it that you can handle a situation that close to 3/4 of the population list as one of their top two fears?


You’ve been to the SCORRE Conference!

We’ll teach you a method for organizing your thoughts and information that allows you to present with crystal clarity and pin point focus. A method that gives you the tools to put together a memorable talk using the information you already carry around in your head. A method that comes in handy when faced with the surprise assignment of walking up in front of hundreds of people all expecting to hear something of value.

We’ll equip you with skills can give you the confidence you need to overcome your fear of public speaking and train you to craft stories that drive home your point in meaningful ways.

Does this sound like a commercial yet? You may think so but wait…there’s more.

In my ten years of youth ministry and more than twenty years preaching and speaking at youth camps I’ve never found a better tool.

In my corporate career I’ve used the tools we’ll teach you to train literally thousands of sales and marketing people, to develop go to market strategies, and to craft countless presentations…some in as little as 5 minutes.  🙂

You won’t find a more valuable tool for people who have to communicate to an audience.

So here’s the deal…

Early bird registration ends Saturday for the conference happening in Orlando May 5-8. Click on the pic below and, when you register, be sure to enter the coupon code: CURTIS

If you register by Saturday, AND use my code, I’ll give you another $50 back in your pocket as a rebate at the conference.


After more than 20 years teaching SCORRE I can say without hesitation this will be a valuable experience.

Go ahead, click on my face. It’ll take you to the registration page.

To Be ( a better speaker) or Not To Be. The choice is yours.


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