Colorado is Burning

It’s hard to think of much else this evening.

There are currently 10 or 11 wild fires burning in Colorado. This one has already forced 32000 people out of their homes.

We’ve got friends on their way to stay with us here. At the moment their home is alright but just a 1/4 mile away from their house homes are burning. We’re a safe distance away from the flames here at our house but it’s hard to imagine what life will be like the next few weeks, even months, here in Colorado Springs.

With temperatures in the triple digits and winds gusting above 50 mph this fire has been burning for several days and the last report it was only 5% contained…tough to say how they calculate that.

Please pray for the fire fighters and decision makers.

Please pray for the folks whose home’s are threatened but still ok.

Please pray for the folks who’ve lost everything.

Please pray for rain.

There seems to be some possibility that this fire was started by arson. What would even be a suitable punishment if the person were caught?

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8 thoughts on “Colorado is Burning

  1. I’ve got family in the Colorado Springs area and it sounds like it’s closing in. Also have some friends that are closer to the danger.

    If it was arson I don’t even know what to think. The lives lost, homes destroyed, and families ripped apart. Is there even a suitable punishment?

  2. It is hard to think people can be so thoughtless of other people.Pray for that person.The people of Colorado has our Prayers.I have a cousin out there and we can’t get in touch with him.OUR PRAYERS ARE GOING OUT TO ALL.