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  1. Ryan Daffron
    Ryan Daffron 20 June, 2012 at 3:13 pm | | Reply

    I (trying to be funny) say- the problem with the church is that people are involved. Funny but true! I love the church- people messed up, people agenda driven, people relentlessly pursuing Jesus, people with right below the surface dealing with a lot of pain, people who profess Jesus is Messiah. Since Acts 2, the church has been discussed and measured, romanticized and critiqued. But I gotta beloved that there are so many bodies because there are so many people who profess Jesus as the Christ. The church- isn’t She lovely?

  2. Mark Mathia
    Mark Mathia 20 June, 2012 at 9:14 pm | | Reply

    Curtis I have been “thinking out loud” about this question for quite some time. I wish I had a better answer but where I end up is that there really should be one body and one head. The church should be all believers or brethren and not set aside by address or style or program etc. Christ, of course, the head of us all. For me, all believers are the body. The body and the church should be one. However, there are many parts to the body and that is rarely acknowledged with enthusiasm. Why? I think because we are all wounded parts of the body. When a body part is wounded it becomes isolated, needy and demands to be made top priority. Sometimes, I feel like we are all out there growing our particular brands and forgetting about the things we do have in common. Like Jesus – and old Michael W. Smith songs.

    We trade members like a game of Go Fish. Somehow forgetting to reach the “lost” because we are too worried about the “found” finding the way to the back door of our buildings.

    Great questions – stop it would you – I need to get some sleep.

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